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Hello. my name is Owen Lee and I'm a high school junior(Centennial High) in howard county, Ellcitt City, MD
Before I begin, I'd like to let you know that I'm a passionate bike rider. I've been riding since I was in elementary school. Back then, the youth group I was in rode every morning from 6:00 to 7:30 in the morning, and a few hundred mile trips every summer. And so I'm pretty used to riding long distance

I'm trying to organize a long distance bike riding for this summer, either across America or along the East Coast.
I've been doing some research for the past few months and I've decided to:
(1) find a few companion riders
(2)contact newspapers to advertise my plan and find more resources for sponsors, in addition to my current possible ones including my school, local bike shopes, neighbors and teachers.
(3) Use Google Maps to draw a bike route to our destination
(4) find  universities along the way and contact them to deal with lodging
(5) Contact a hospital, probably St.Jude's hospital for children, and let them know about our plan/goal

I'm probably able to leave either at the end of June or very early July, because of school and a leadership program at Duke. But if everything can be prepared ONLY if we leave early like at the end of June, I am willing to sacrifice the leadership program for the bike journey.

I love to travel. I saw a movie called Motorcycle Diaries, which is about Che Guevara riding a motorcycle with his friend around South America back in the 1950s. The passion for seeing the world aroun us and giving hope to people by accomplishing something big on behalf of them inspired me greatly and I've been trying to do a similar thing. I couldn't find an organization that was open to high school students or had a reasonable amount of fee. So i'm planning a trip on my own to prove myself and people that I can pusue and accomplish my dream..

The biggest problem at the moment is that I need companions. My parents and teachers believe that it'd be too dangerous to follow through just by myself as a high school student.

So, I'm trying to find some members who would like to help me and participate in this journey.

that would be incredible!

Thank you for reading my message and let me know if you have any questions!



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Welcome to the forum, Owen. I have removed duplicates of this message from other groups. Please read the Rules and Etiquette message at the top of each group, where we ask you not to cross-post. This does not increase your readership, but does annoy some who might reply.

Try a weekend ride with anyone you might consider as a companion. The joy of a compatible companion is immense, but so is the pain of the wrong partner. You can find some stories about that here.

As an alternative, one of the Adventure Cycling group tours is a great way to go and gain experience for little or no more cost than going alone. They may be full for 2010.

I hope you make the trip. It will give you life-long memories. Most of the people I meet on the road are either retired, just finishing high school, or just finishing college. Most your age are with others, but a few are solo.

Mom, Dad: Owen's riding to date says he is up to it physically. He will meet other cycle tourists every day on any Adventure Cycling mapped route. Riding in small-town America almost all the time, he will be mothered far more than endangered. This was certainly so on my first long solo ride, and I had gray hair by then! That said, a one-week shakedown camping cruise on a nearby route would be good for him and for your peace of mind.


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Owen, be warned , I made my first long distance journey at 15 solo - from England to Yugoslavia (you'll have to look it up to what it is called now  :) It will hook you. Now I'm 62 and have cycled almost all over the world - presently over here doing the east coast and next year coast to coast Australia.

The warning - travelling is addictive and cycling is the best way to go. It's a great way to start your adult life and from my experience every time I returned after a trip, work wise, I was offered a better position than the previous one. Although I am unable to join you on your trip I want to wish you all the best and don't listen to anyone who just wants to stop you, listen to cautionary advice - that's sensible and my one tip when travelling listen to yourself, if a situation does not feel comfortable - move on, don't worry that someone might think you are rude.

Good luck Tony
Just starting to record my trips

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Hi Owen,

My friends are out there right now, but one would like to leave, so if you're interested in joining one guy (they're in Cali right now, so you could meet up somewhere in Nevada, Utah or California), let me know! This is their website: