Author Topic: For Guys (maybe Girls) with size 14 + feet hitting the panniers. A kinda techy ?  (Read 5661 times)

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Was just about to buy a Bike Friday - until I realised that my heels would allow me only a 4" wide rear pannier!  I've always struggled with hitting the rear pannier even on a 700 wheel any thoughts ideas.  Not smaller panniers as I need the space for extra water/food when crossing Australia.  Got away with it in USA. Trailer's not an option because of hassle when flying plus if I used that option on a BF it limits me how I tour in the future.

What happens to the ride if I extend the rear pannier to take the larger panniers.  The load would be well behind the rear hub ...... any ideas?
Thanks Tony
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If your rear load is behind the rear hub, you really should make sure you also use front panniers with at least half the weight up front. If you do that, I think you'll be okay (depending on how far behind the rear hub the weight is and how it is distributed).

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You may try something like this (from

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Maybe this is wandering tangential to your question: after all the discussion regarding BF trailers and your need to haul extra water, what specifically about the BF trailers leans you towards the panniers?  Serious question.  I am not understanding the reasoning regarding "limits how I tour in the future."  (user:waynemyer)

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Hi Waynemyer - fair question , I do a lot of touring and apart from crossing Australia - where I will need to haul extra water etc on the trailer - when that trip is finished I want the option of not having to haul a trailer all the time.  In the future I plan to use an old suitcase ( we have several) to travel with the bike and dump it at my starting point and then buy a cheapo case when coming home to UK.  So if I pay 3,000 dollars for a BF (that is the quote ) I want to know I can tour with or without the trailer.

Thanks for the advise guys and now I need to decide real quick as want to do LEJOG hopefully in September to try the bike out before Oz.
Just starting to record my trips