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PCH to Big Basin via Gazos Creek Trail on a loaded touring bike = insane?


Blue Continental:
It's really hard to tell by looking at the Krebs map and poking around online whether this can be done on a touring bike, but if it is it would be a much better option than taking the road occupied by cars into the park.

Nearest I can tell from the mountain biking sites this fire road is considered technically easy, and physically somewhat challenging. I've never ridden any fire roads on my bike, but I'm a fairly good rider. I'm wondering if anyone here has ridden this route on any bike and could give me advice on whether I should attempt it.

I have really solid wheels with 35mm Schwalbe Marathons, but I'll also be loaded with front and rear panniers. If there are just a few precarious spots I figure I could get off and walk my steed for a spell, but I'd rather not be stuck walking my bike all day.

So should I take the paved road or the unpaved?

Is that the "white mountain" trail?  Don't take that one, it's epic unloaded.  Call a bike shop in Santa Cruz (Spokesman, Another Bike Shop) they will know.


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