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Cycling across Burma
« on: July 06, 2010, 03:11:19 pm »
In March 2011 Chris Alloway and Dan Kiely will hope to cycle from Rangoon (Yangon) Burma/Myanmar to Thailand to raise money for North Devon Hospice.

We will be flying to Bangkok then making our way to Rangoon before buying bikes from the locals (one because its cheaper but also to make it more interesting) and cycling back across Burma to Thailand.

Burma/Myanmar is best know for its civil unrest due to the military dictatorship and at times can be a dangerous place and although the danger is unsettling it is overwhelmed by the true adventure and beau tie of cycling across a closed country, One that has interested us both for years.

We are doing this to raise £1000 for North Devon Hospice as we can see just how much hard work goes into keeping the doors open. The staff are amazing and have time for everyone and its a warm, loving place to be in hard times.

I (Chris) was amazed at the effort put in when my Granddad was there in 2008 and I still feel like I want to give back after all the help and support.

So Please help us. We are thankful for Tips,Gear, any advice and donations to go towards North Devon Hospice.

If you wish to help raise money check out our safe justgiving website.

Thank you so much for reading this. feel free to email me on

Chris Alloway