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Cycling in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota


I just did a 26-mile tour in Detroit Lakes with my Surly LHT. I know 26 miles is a short ride for many cyclists, but for me it works. The scenery was great and the folks were friendly. There is a 42-mile tour too. I converted from a mountain bike to a touring bike this year and am enjoying it tremendously. 

You make me want to bring my bike up to the cabin this week.  I am over by Perham on Big Pine Lake, but will likely spend most of the week on a pontoon boat, not a bike. 

+1 for the Detroit Lakes Midsummer Tour. This was my first year as well and I found the event very well organized and the community festival a lot of fun. If you go, don't miss the post ride munchies at Zorbas, you get a coupon among the promotional items with your ride package.

OP, if you are still following this, I think I rode along side of you part of the way. Is your LHT black with a pannier? I was the guy on the red Trek 700 if you remember.

Awesome experience on cycling in Detroit Lakes . I think This is one of the greatest lake for mountain biking . Every Mountain biker if they have enough opportunity , they should to to Detroit lakes . So mountain biker should go there with there mountain bikes for more pleasure .  :) :) :)

I live in Alaska but travel to Minnesota every year to ride the paved bike trails. I've not found anything in the western states that can come close to Minnesota's extensive and well maintained paths. Minneapolis is by far the most bicycle friendly large city I've experienced. It would be interesting to know the amount of tourist dollars bicyclist bring into the state. The states investment in infrastructure that not only serves the public but also attracts outside dollars has to be one of it's most enlightened expenditures.


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