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Day Tours Ripley (Be aware of mean dogs)
« on: July 13, 2010, 07:54:42 pm »
We rode the UGRR from Xenia Ohio down to Maysville Kentucky.  While in Ripley we decided to take the Adventure Cycle Publicized Daily Route for Ripley.  Big Mistake!  As we left the fantastic and historic downtown area of Ripley on main street, all was wonderful.  We were about 2 miles into the ride (on Main St., and from no where a yellow long haired dog, darted from a yard and chased us down the road.  I thought, oh well, you are gonna have those days.  As we turned left onto Schwallie Rd, we started up hill almost immediately.  As we slowed during the climb we noticed a large brown boxer in the middle of the road waiting for our arrival.  We approached closer not sure of the dog's intentions, it was at this point teeth bared, we decided to turn around and head back into Ripley.  Of course we had to ride back through the yellow long haired dog nipping at our heals, but this dog was a far better option than the boxer.  We did continue our visit of Ripley only by SUV instead of on bicycles.  We stopped at Rankin House and spoke with the lady giving us the tour.  She said the owner of the bike shop in Georgetown had come under fire from local citizens for insisting residents of the area tie their dogs up, or keep them somehow in their yard.  I would never recommend anyone ride this route on their bicycle until the police/mayor/citizens make this a safe environment for cyclists.  We would have spent much more time and money in the community had we had a safe environment.  Instead, we left for Aberdeen enroute to Maysville.  Pehaps people don't realize they are not only responsible for their pets, they are liable for the damage they might cause to a cyclist.  I am going to write the mayor and police chief of Ripley to see what can be done.  I am also going to contact the Georgetown Bike Shop owner to lend him my support and tell him of our misadventures. 

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Re: Day Tours Ripley (Be aware of mean dogs)
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In the late 1990's, Bicycling had a little article about dogs.  They said a sharp yell like "Back off!" or "Go home" will intimidate an aggressive dog.  A couple of days after reading that, I took my family out on a 15-mile ride when the youngest was still on a little bike with 16-inch wheels and I was pushing him now and then to make it more fun for all of us.  A couple of big dogs came out from a yard with an open gate and began to chase him.  I yelled "Back off!" and they did.  My family admired me and I was pleased with my new-found powers.  In the years since then, I've used this many times and it has always worked, including once to a pack of four or five dogs.  They came after me and I yelled, and they looked as if to say, "We-- we're sorry-- we didn't know you had authority!"

I have no sympathy for dogs that are not where they belong.   Three different times, I used the dog spray on an agressive pit bull mix near where I used to work.  After that, all I had to do was hold up my fist as if I were going to do it again, and he'd turn around and leave me.  The problem with it on a bike though is that the wind breaks up the stream too much.  A real-estate woman I knew used to carry an aerosol can of hair spray with her for the purpose.

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Re: Day Tours Ripley (Be aware of mean dogs)
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My constant companion while touring in the south. This stuff has worked for me every time.

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Re: Day Tours Ripley (Be aware of mean dogs)
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I agree with the above two posts. I never leave home without my Halt. I have not had to use it, yet. The times I had encounters with canines, I would stop, put the bike between me and our four legged friends. I have rarely had to yell. I would walk the bike and stop then walk and stop. So far so good. One time we were riding our tandem back from Liberty to Whittset, N.C. We heard someone behind us, driving a pick up truck yell, "sick em" We took off fast. Luckily, the Bloodhound was old and could not keep up. The truck had a Stars and Bars, Confederate Flag in the rear window. He picked up the dog and came after us. (if you don't succeed at first, try try again) At the last minute he swerved away as we scrambled for our lives. We tried to get his license plate number but it was faded and he was driving fast. I am sorry we could not report him. The next person may not have been so lucky. However, I doubt, in these small rural areas that the police would have done much. (In Tampa, when I was hit by a car, the police officer yelled at me and said I should not be riding on the road, I was hit in a cross walk ) The culture is still not pro cyclist. The mentality of most dog owners, who let their animals roam, is one of indifference. If a dog injured a child, walking home from school, it might have been a different matter. Sadly, bicyclist are not held in such high esteem.*   (*depending on where you are.)