Author Topic: Bicycle lubrication question When, What and (more important What NOT! ) to oil  (Read 17256 times)

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Offline Westinghouse

This is all a bit too technical for me. I suppose if you have an expensive bike you, will need the best lubrication you can get. As for myself, when I am going to cross the continent east to west I get a ten dollar chain and some White Lightning from Wal Mart, a spindle, bearings and races for the bottom bracket, Weinman wheels for $37.50 each, new tubes, Continental tires, cables, and brake pads. I might pay $10.00 for a Shimano, five-ring freewheel. I attach these to my old Raleigh touring frame, and away I go. No problem. The heated wax-graphite lube was a good read. I think I will try it before starting off on my next long tour whenever and if ever that might be.