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I would still steer them to a compact mountain crank, a 22/32/42.  My reason is that when you swap out the small cog, like you suggested, that the shifting can be a little rough.

I've substituted 26T granny rings for the OEM 30T ring on numerous road cranks over the years.  The shift from the 42 to the granny is still good.  The only sluggish shift has been from the granny back to the 42 and I'm never really in a rush for that one.  A 48/38/24 crank should shift at least as well as my 52 or 53/42/26 cranks.

We have 24-42-52 on the tandem, with a 13-34 cassette.  The 24-42 jump shifts fine in both directions-- obviously not as quick as shifting between adjacent small cogs at 25+ mph, but it doesn't present any problems.  Correct adjustment of the front derailleur is key.

Does anyone know if 10 speed gearing has found its way onto touring bikes yet?
Are 10 speed chains tough enough for touring?
I have not personally seen these used on touring bikes yet, but you can get 10-speed cassettes up to 11-36 from both Shimano and SRAM (although I think SRAM's is still limited to the top-of-the-line $300+ model).  Here's Shimano's:

The 10-speed (and even 11-speed) chains are strong enough for the pros who leg press over a thousand pounds and storm up a 20+% grade in 25T cogs.  The diameter of the pins is no smaller, and the side plates are just as thick (but closer together since the chain is narrower).  The chains still take about 3,000 pounds to break.  The big difference, as I understand it, is just that the 10-speed chain wears out much faster because the wear is borne by smaller surfaces moving against each other, and when you consider the 10-speed chains' much higher price, it makes for a high per-mile cost.  This is why I and my family are stopping at 9.  I think SRAM's master links stop at 9-speed, and joining the ends of a 10-speed chain without a master link is extra critical.  I'm pretty sure my information is accurate, but I'm open to updates.  
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