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Madison Wisco Ride the Drive report
« on: August 30, 2010, 06:01:40 pm »
While it is not an extended cycle tour, per se, last Sunday's (8/29) Ride the Drive in Madison Wisconsin was a wonderful gathering of bikers - families, commuter, weekend warriors, AND Lance Armstrong. Similar to other Cyclovia type events (Bike the Drive in Chicago, etc), Ride the Drive found 6+ miles of major thoroughfares closed to car traffic and 50 thousand bikers enjoying the routes instead. Lots of crazy live music, games and fun things for kids, views of lake monona with huge kites flying over head, bike businesses meeting the public, mechanics helping cyclists, and more. Lance Armstrong was introduced to the crowd just east of the Capital by Mayor Dave Cieslewicz. He was blown away by the crowd, said a few words, and then hopped on a matte black Trek (clad in civilian togs, if I might add) and led the crowd on a loop through town. A great pro bike day all around.