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Cycling tour in Vietnam
« on: September 15, 2010, 01:42:53 am »
In recent year, Vietnam is considered as one of the best destination in South East Asia, more more tourists choose Vietnam instead of Thailand as before. Cycling is the great way to for everyone to discover this country. Everyone can ride, a whole cycling tour or just few days riding in Flat Mekong delta are possibility.
People can start tour whether in Hanoi, the capital or in Saigon, the biggest city in Vietnam then move to Mekong or central part to explore the heritage sites.
the landscapes are beauties, the people are friendly, cuisine is also wonderful.
people can extend their holiday to Combodia to see Angkok Wat or move to Laos.
Transpotation is now easier than ever. People can take flight from  within these countries or high quality buses or boat trip uo streams of huge Mekong Delta to reach to Combodia are available any time.