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Hudson Valley RT
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RE:Hudson Valley RT town of Lloyd Highland NY (ACR section 2)

the rail trail is now paved! There is now a ribbon of asphalt extending 1.3 miles from the west end of the Walkway under Mile Hill Road,under rt 9W,
 and over Vineyard Ave., past the newley paved parking lot at Commercial Ave. to the east end of the old phase 1 original 1997

there will be a ribbon cuting ceremony Oct. 2 ,12:30 PM at the new Haviland Rd. parking lot - the new eastern trailhead of the RT

the old section of the RT .4 miles from the pavilion on C12 New Paltz Rd remains closed as does CR 12 New Paltz Rd. - the ACR/USBR1

aparently there was some sort of bruha over who was responsible for the moving of the utilities in the area of the closure - work has resumed
but I don't expect completion until at least Thanksgiving


over the Labor Day weekend I went for a bike-train (single day) cycling adventure south of here (Pok.) in Beacon - it was there I got to ride the
Klara Sauer rail AND trail - this trail was previously know as the Beacon Riverside Trail - it was renamed and dedicated to Klara Sauer June 2009
for more see my Hud Val cycling adventure blog at:

I would return to Beacon (with my bike of course) to get some tires for my bike at Beacon Cycles - it was during this second visit to Beacon I had met fellow ACA members Rod and Jenny - they were on a day ride bike-train adventure as well - they were about to ride up to Poughkeepsie and were going to visit the Walkway once there. I had forgotten to give them my contact info.They went north as I explored more of Beacon and went to the aforementioned bike shop. I had just gotten off the train in Poughkeepsie on my return and was riding up Main St. when I had spoted Rod and Jenny going down Main St. -they were easy to spot, each were sharing a 1/2 pair of Arkel panniers and they both had lights on their helmets -they were comuting cyclists - I turned around and met them again at the transportation center (bus stop) section of the RR station I gave them my contact info

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Re: Hudson Valley RT
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Thanks for the update! I'll put your information in our files for the next reprint. That map was recently reprinted so it may be a while so hopefully they'll have the bruhaha settled by then.


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