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I've hosted numerous cross-country cyclists at my house in Pueblo, CO and many of them come in with a negative image of Pueblo before they get here.  Unbelievably, cycling is a relatively new concept here in town, but we're trying to change that reputation.  Most people that stick around for a couple of days, leave with a very positive image of this town.  It's a slow process, but the infrastructure and cycling culture is changing rapidly for the better!

Nice blog! I like your use of pictures on nearly every post. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing about Pueblo. People like you will make it a better place to bike and stay.

Love hearing these stories...


I just added a "BICYCLE TOURING" section to the blog with tons of local information about routes, places to stay, eat, maps, entertainment, bike repair, hardware, etc.  Hopefully it will be informative for cyclists passing through.


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