Author Topic: Touring bike rental in the San Francisco bay area (or elsewhere in the US)  (Read 5187 times)

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I am planning on doing a pacific coast tour next August.
I am a road cyclist so will be in need for a touring bike for this trip (2 of them in fact - one for a friend).
We are planning to carry full gear and camp out.
Does anyone know of a place I can rent such bikes?
Any help is highly appreciated.



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Ask The Bicycle Outfitter in Los Altos.  I think the answer is that such a thing does not exist, but if anyone knows, it would be them.  Good luck!

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There are several bike rental places in San Francisco, some of which do rent road bikes.  A google search should locate them,  They rent by the day or week but you could probably negotiate for a longer term rental.  As to actual Touring bikes, you will have to ask.

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You might want to check the shops on ( They seem to list several options to look into.


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