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You may consider getting a Topeak rack and bag.  The rack runs about $60 and so does the bag.
The nice thing is it has a quick release screw that attaches to your seat post, so you can easily
remove rack and bag and carry it with you.  I've used mine for almost two years and enjoy the versatility
of having a lot of carrying capacity available when you unzip one or two side pockets, and just use
the bag if you have less gear to carry.  Quality and durability is good, weight is very light, and I have
used it for a 5 day tour with a 25 lb load.  You can't carry real heavy loads on it, but for short trips,errands, commute to work and credit card touring it is great.  I am also very paranoid about having my bike and
gear stolen, and find it better to rely on a metal u-lock than a cable.  Good luck.

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