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Seattle to Long Beach info please.
« on: April 04, 2011, 04:03:42 pm »
I tried posting this in the Pacific Northwest section but got no replies

I'm thinking of taking the train to Centralia then riding Hwy 6 to Long Beach, return from Long Beach via Hwy 4 to Kelso then train back. Should be about 200 miles total. Has anyone experienced these roads or got any comments about accommodation etc.? There's supposed to be a bike trail that goes that way I get the impression you need a mountain bike and a machete to ride most of it. Be nice if I'm wrong. The quick way back would be Hwy 30 on the Oregon side but that would mean crossing the infernal bridge at Longview. On the other hand is the Puget Island ferry a feasible way to avoid the Lvw bridge? Or is this another victim of budget cuts?

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Re: Seattle to Long Beach info please.
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ACA's Pacific Coast Route uses the Puget Island ferry, and we have not heard of any ferry closures. I think it would be a much better crossing than the Longview bridge.
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