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Walnut Creek to Sacramento and Florin to Folsom Lake
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I rode part of the Western Express Section 1.  I started in Walnut Creek and road the Horse Regional Trail to Concord then took Pacheco toward Martinez.  Part of the Horse trail was gravel and dirt.  I crossed the Martinez-Benicia Bridge and took Park to Industrial to Lopes Road to Cordella to Pittman to Suisan Valley to Linear Park pathway. There was one rest stop overlooking the Suisan Bay but no water was available.  Part of the path between Suisan Valley and Linear Park was under construction.  I stayed one night in Fairfield. The trip from Fairfield to Sacramento was a pleasant ride especially on Pleasant Valley Road. I stayed one night in Sacramento and got a ride from a friend to Florin.  I took Florin Road to Sunrise Blvd to Gold River and then took the American River Bike trail not knowing it started at Florin Road & Sunrise.  I did not notice where I was on the American River Bike trail because there are only signs on the streets and not on the trail.  I only knew where I was by noticing the bridges that crossed the river. When I arrived at Beals there were no signs so I camped at the park and then the sprinklers came on and I had to move out the way quickly.  The next morning I was able to locate the campground and while resting in my tent a squirrel tried to bite my feet.
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