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Need Help Finding Local Gems along Underground Railroad Trail


I need help planning stops along my trip down the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route. I will be traveling from Kentucky to the start of the trail in Alabama. Can anyone please recommend great, local restaurants? Any local artisans? Sustainable or organic farms to visit? I'm looking to really get the full flavor of the region.
Any and all suggestions would be great.

I'll be doing the same route, pretty much the same areas, but from S-N (Mobile to Smithland, KY) next April. I've been looking through the journals on Just plug in Underground Railroad on their search engine. One place I noticed that is slightly off route is Loretta Lynn's Ranch outside of Hurricane Mills, TN. It made the list as a camp site, but I have not seen anyone journal about it. If you're not a country music buff (and I'm not) it may not be worth the trip, but then again it might be fun for me to hit a tourist trap after a week or so in rural Alabama. You can also plug in "restraurants" or whatever into goolge maps and then, if you're lucky, read a few reviews on some of the local restraurants. As for sustainable organic farms and genuine local flavor, the journals leave me with the impression that the genuine local flavor is deep fried and not likely to be organic. Catfish, french fries and other fried things also seem to be common items in the restraurants I found through Google Maps. But I chalk it up to the joy of traveling and meeting people with different perspectives. 

I live in the old district of Mobile and I plan to take Part of the UGRR to St Louis in mid May

Email if you would like details of the Mobile area

DG Ewing


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