Author Topic: My wife thinks it is CRAZY!! 4yo and 8yo with Mom and Dad on RAGBRAI  (Read 11191 times)

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We would bring our own sag wagon (the burley trailer) and two tandems (I think).  We also have a Piccolo and a WeeHoo Igo recumbent trail a bike.

My thought is that if we are not in a hurry, and the kids can switch between different seating options (pedal or not pedal, sitting upright or in a recumbent fashion) that we all might survive.

The kids are excited about the idea, but they don't really understand the magnitude of the endeavor.  They remember laughing non-stop on while riding with several hundred other cyclists on a tandem rally last July. 

I want our kids to grow up knowing nothing is impossible and what others think is crazy can actually be fun.  The 8yo already has almost 20 minutes logged flying in a vertical wind tunnel (indoor skydiving). 

Thanks in advance for the advice through experience.


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Re: My wife thinks it is CRAZY!! 4yo and 8yo with Mom and Dad on RAGBRAI
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I saw one mom this year with a boy about 6. She also had a burley labeled "Jake's sag wagon" that she put him and his bike on.  One crew was Grandpa, Dad, & oldest son on a tandem with a tag along all three towing a Burley with son2 & son3.

My boys (8 & 12) joined us for the two easy days. 

That said, I'd recommend trying some long days well in advance. Kids have different physiology than adults and are more likely to get dehydrated or overheat.  They are also not as hung up on doing the thing for its own sake - more likely to want to stop when it stops being fun.  Keep in mind that if it is miserable you'll have lost them. That's why we decided to ease into it.

But if you do, look for us.  You can tell by the Johnny Cash and Thai pop music ;)