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Nice Midwest Town Desperately Seeks Bike Shop for Long-Term Relationship

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Popeye the Cyclist:
Looking for a great location to start your bike shop?   Small Illinois town with Mississippi River  bridge looking to attract a bike shop for large # of cyclists which pass through the town annually on one of 3 national trails.   Community is friendly to cyclists and community leaders are interested in growing our retail business.   We will help you succeed!   

Ohhhh, to be 20 yrs younger!!!

Popeye the Cyclist:
No problem.....time moves slower when you are on "river time"!  :)

cornerhouse: about some details?  My partner and I might be interested.

Nice to see a town actively soliciting bicycling services! But running a bike shop is a hard job, and I doubt one could survive on transient riders coming through while touring.


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