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Biking through Georgia for the first time


I just bought the map for Savannah to St. Augustine. I'm going to be doing just the Georgia part, backwards. I have no experience biking, borrowed my friends road bike he took across the country. My questions are; what gear do I need? And has anyone gone that route? I'm wondering how rural it is? I don't want to go through busy roads or big cities.

Also, I'm not sure if i'll have enough for a hotel or be near a hotel when I run out of steam after biking all day, so I was wondering what to bring for sleeping? I'm going around Dec. 20th, so I assume it'll be in the 30's at night.

Start with

Lots there, beginning with Bike Touring 101.

Nick, the route is rural inland but can be rather busy the closer you get to the coast. You might want to order a state bicycle map from GDOT, email for a copy (not available in print, only by email currently). Also, check the Georgia Coastal Greenway if you're looking for alternate trail routes along that corridor.

Cool temps in the evenings, likely 30's with the chance of lower. That will require a sleeping bag, mat, and tent. So depends on if you want to pack that gear, otherwise do a careful Google search and figure out potential stopping points along the way. You'll get into more traffic closer to Savannah.

Ok. Thanks for the tips!
I took the bike out for the first time the other day. A road bike is going to take some getting used to. My brother was showing me how to change the tube, take off the tires and all that.


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