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I’m a sixty-two-year-old recently retired man who is interested in exploring some of the Rails-To-Trails (for example, the Trail of the Hiawatha - Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes) routes that are being developed around the country - especially in the northwest. My “research” tells me that these old railroad easements are being developed at a fairly rapid rate in many states - which is wonderful.

Anyway, here is the bottom line:

Would like to find a male riding partner (alas, my wife does not share my enthusiasm) with the same interest in this type of riding/exploring. I do not like riding in groups. I am acutely aware of the difficulty of finding someone who is compatible not only as a fellow traveller but also as a fellow cyclist. It seems to be especially difficult for men (insecurity/ego?).... Just seems to be a common obstacle....

For my age, I am in fairly decent shape, but I am not a competitive rider - and have no desire to ride with someone who is. My speed is usually in the 10 -12 mph range, but I also like to stop and take in the scenery and explore the small byways/forest paths. I think they call it hike/bike.... I’m very liberal (no drugs!), but dress conservatively - I wear mt. bike shorts and solid color shirts/jerseys. I try my best to blend in with the natural environment and not add to its visual pollution any more than I already do....   Anyone interested?

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Re: Want to find a good riding partner to explore western Rails-to-Trails.
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Hello WKB,

Your message caught my eye. Almost thought I was the person who wrote it. I’m a 62 year old male in the Pacific Northwest and have become interested in bike touring over the last decade. I have a few short tours under my belt, and this summer I was able to add the Coeur d’ Alenes trail to my list. I had a grand time, but I was planning a return trip this summer to complete the whole loop by adding the Hiawatha segment, but with a riding partner.
So reading your message I believe we should at least talk on the phone and maybe meet for a ride. I have a T800 Cannondale touring bike and all the equipment for touring. My comfort speed is 12/13 MPH and try to stay around 40/60 miles a day to leave plenty of time for sightseeing. I have ridden in a number of organized rides this summer including the STP in two days in addition to my touring. More for a personal accomplishment then a desire to ride in organized groups.
Hope to talk soon,

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Re: Want to find a good riding partner to explore western Rails-to-Trails.
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I'm up for a rails to trails ride just about anytime after it warms up. I'm 69 and like to tour and ride mountain bikes. I ride a Fisher 29er and use it for everything. Let me know what your plans are for the summer and I'll try to make things work.

Eugene, Oregon