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Here you can turn your old, surplus, or unwanted gear into cash, with which you can buy new gear and keep riding. The forum is intended for private sales: a personal yard sale of miscellany for travel by bicycle. Use it also to find someone who has the item you want to buy. This is not a place to advertise commercial goods or services.

See also our Rules and Etiquette at the top of each forum's list of topics.

Subject Lines: Help your readers with a subject line that shows the purpose of your posting and whether it is still active:

* Start an item for sale with FS:. FS: BOB Trailer
* After it sells, please modify your posting. Add SOLD: to its subject line. SOLD: BOB Trailer
* Start with WTB: for an item that you want to buy. WTB: Brooks Saddle Wrench
* After you find it, please modify your posting. Add FOUND: to its subject line. FOUND: Brooks Saddle Wrench
Selling: Include the price, shipping information, and location. We may remove your ad if it lacks a price. Include a way to get hold of you, either your phone number or email address. One large picture, preferably no larger than 400 pixels wide and 400 pixels high, or a few small ones are allowable. Please keep the total size of these image files under 100 KB as a courtesy to readers who have slow Internet connections. See Posting Images to Forum about how to include your picture.

Paying: Consider using escrow services to protect your purchase. If there is any doubt about a transaction, use a well-known and reliable escrow service where available. We recommend for safe transactions.

Use the same caution in sending cash that you do in real life. You should not undertake a transaction about which you would feel uncomfortable in your regular life off the Web. You should verify the trustworthiness of a seller/buyer before sending cash or cash substitutes, like Banker's Drafts, bank transfers or especially western union transfers. If the other party is requesting western union transfer you should immediately be suspicious, since this is sending cash and not traceable.

Safety: Use common sense when you disclose personal information. Disclose only that personal information necessary to complete the transaction. You should not disclose information that you would not disclose in an off-line real-life commercial transaction.


How do we delete sold items?



Thank You .... How long does it take for the ads to appear after you post them?


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