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All good points.

Let me put it this way. I am uncomfortable wearing tight fitting lycra pants in public.  It is my problem and my decision and I do not wish to do it. My only goal in posting this thread was to find alternatives to exposed lycra shorts.

My apologies to anyone I snapped at but I was truly surprised at the efforts to re-educate me instead of addressing the original question. I appreciate the good intentions.

My outlook is the same as others who have posted along the lines of " cycling gear is athletic gear, you would not go into a restaurant wearing just speedos because you happened to have just left the pool".

Again, this is what's right for me and my decision. Not trying to convince anyone else.

I did get a lot of great suggestions and, as mentioned before, have ordered one pair each of the Rivendell and Endura knickers as well as a loose fitting pair of lined cycling shorts. This will give me appropriate gear for cool and warm weather and three sets of liners to rotate through. (Maybe 1 pair too many but I can always mail them home as I trim down gear.)