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Half-fast Otti:
I too look forward to the Rout 66 ride.   Here in St. Louis one of the local organizations has a ride that starts just inside Oklahoma and rides back to St. Louis on the old Route 66.  One of your writers rode along with us in October 2009 and wrote an article about it.    I would love to do it again and hopefully it won't rain on us the whole week as it did in 2009.   

I'm in Perkins OK.  35 miles north of 66.  Might be able to help.

JMityko, this is wonderful news!!! Thank you. If ever in Amarillo, Texas there is a great French Bakery called Franks. He is from Paris and how he got to Amarillo is a subject of speculation. The best French Bread, Baguettes, and Pastries. They are closed on Mondays. If others have ridden Route 66 are there other interesting places that stood out that you might want to share? Let's create a little excitement! ;D

I'm really excited about this route.  I'm in Oklahoma and will help in any way I can.

Thanks Reed and Pat! Send me a PM or email with your contact information and I'll get your names added to our list of possible support people.



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