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NOTICE Melville Ferry in Louisiana
« on: December 27, 2010, 07:22:13 pm »
I thought that all of you who want to take the Southern Tier route across Louisiana might want to know that the Melville Ferry has been shut down as soon as the cane cutting is over this year due to budget cuts at the state level. This is expected to be a permanent shutdown. Auto and farm traffic is expected to use highways to the north and south. I DO NOT SUGGEST trying to ride on US190 to detour.
There has been an alternate route because for many years now, since the ferry was not completely reliable. When it would break down, it could take a long time to repair. You should now use only this alternate route.
Years ago, there was a plan to cantilever a bike lane onto the railroad bridge across the Atchafalaya River, but with current budget constraints, I doubt that it will happen any time soon.
There is a new bridge being built across the Mississippi River at New Roads (that was started before the budget crunch), and that might offer another opportunity there, but that won't help you get across the river at Melville.
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Re: NOTICE Melville Ferry in Louisiana
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2010, 12:26:22 pm »
Fortunately the Melville Ferry on not on the Southern Tier (ST) Route (at least according to my map).  According to the news reports it will close December 31, 2010.  An another alternate route, the 190 bridge over the river at Krotz Springs, is not that bad.  I've ridden it and it is better than the bridge over the Amistad Reservoir near Del Rio, Tx.  I didn't like staying on 190 over the basin but the old 190 route is a good alternative.  It has little traffic and the road is pretty good.   

The 190 is very busy but at least it has a wide shoulder.  The regular ST route is a much better ride.