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Eschlers, you mentioned a 20 degree bag.  I hope you find this helpful, if not sorry for pointing you to something you already knew:

In addition to cycling I've really enjoyed many nights atop mountains or along their slopes.  Thankfully most cycle camping occurs at altitudes low enough to avoid significant weather changes in short bursts of time.  However, a good and comfortable night of sleep is about as important - IMHO - as any other piece of gear you carry or ride.

I don't want to give any unfair plugs to anyone, but a few years back REI would loan you gear for a small fee to try it out, etc...  Not sure if that extends to sleeping bags or if they still do it.  You may want to inquire from other outfitters as well.  If you can do this, I would offer that might be the best test of anything you buy.

Best wishes in your efforts.

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Thanks Tourista!

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That is a very good article Tandem. I would have never thought of needing to "fudge" the rating like that. It would definitely make a difference. Thanks for the info!