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S24O in Ohio


I live in the western suburbs of Cleveland , and find the lack of state parks, national forests, and other legal areas to lay a sleeping bag down for Sub-24's a bummer.  I grew up in the Cleveland area, moved to Virginia, Michigan, the Canton area, and moved back to Cleveland a few years ago, so I've been used to areas where one could set a tent up just about anywhere.  A short trip to Findley State Park, the campgrounds behind Stafford House in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and a farther trip to West Branch is doable, but looking for other options.  Anybody have any ideas?

I had the same problem when I went around Lake Erie in 2009.
I wound up spending the night at Crystal Springs Campground in North Ridgeville.  I had a nice spot on the pond but the bathrooms were far away.  Good for a spot for the night, but I wouldn't want to spend a day there while tenting.

If you want to do an S24O on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail, there are other options for camping in addition to the Stanford House. Go to see a list.


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