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Instead of starting in St. Augustine and dropping southwest through Gainsville... would beginning in Fernandino Beach (fly into Jacksonville) and heading west and picking up the ACA Southern Tier in Wellborn Fl be a viable option? Looks like I could even enjoy about 14 miles on the Jacksonville - Baldwin bike path... Although looks like I would be on RT 10 much of the way.. anyone know how rideable that road is??? Or would in be rt 90 (can't tell...)

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Re: Modifying the Souther Tier starting point question - Fernandina Beach, Fl
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As a general rule you can't ride the shoulders of interstate highways such as I10 east of the Mississippi. US90 is a good bicycling road, mainly because most of the traffic uses the interstate. 90 also has good shoulders. Get on it as best you can and head west.

Heading west from Fernandina Beach to Yulee is no problem but A1A and 301 on to Baldwin are very bad bicycling roads - mostly shoulderless with fast, heavy traffic. They are being improved in stretches but I heartily recommend you avoid that route. Perhaps you could pick up a county map and use back roads or write a Jacksonville bicycle shop or find someone on this forum who lives in the area. I have bicycle toured through the area numerous times but only up and down the coast. I have driven Yulee-Baldwin numerous times and know of a couple of guys who bicycled it. They said it was by far the worst part of their east coast tour - downright harrowing.
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