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Re: Panniers
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Great info, + 2 for Ortliebs. We have roller/classics and they actually float on water. Don't put damp items in them. I use to have side loaded panniers and the transition to a single top loaded pocket has been ok. Ortlieb has pockets you can add on the back. I have friends who have Arkels and love them, but they use the rain covers. They were too pricey for us. We also like to use our trailer.

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Re: Panniers
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About 8 years ago. I looked at the options, the prices and my plans and decided to replace the Trek (now Bontrager) Pro panniers I had used since 1996, with a set of Jandd Mountain Panniers front, and Large Mountain rear. (The Mountain Expedition rears would have been overkill. Too big for my needs.) ( They worked okay on my Volpe with a LBS-bought racks, and worked exceptionally well on the Safari with it's stock large rear rack, and the OMM front I bought from the Adventure Cycling Store. This winter I have replaced the old racks on the Volpe with Jandd front and rear Expedition racks. I have been very happy with the packs, themselves. They are roomy, waterproof in a driving rain, and stay on the racks solidly on all kinds of road conditions; something I couldn't say about the Treks. (They were fine on pavement, but we had 3 detatch themselves on a long downhill dirt road in Karelia, and go bouncing into the brush. Supposedly the Bontrager editions have resolved that issue.) The Jandds are somewhat less expensive than Arkel or Ortlieb, made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee.

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