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Another one way question
« on: February 09, 2011, 09:26:47 pm »
Hi everyone,

Last year I did the West coast route by flying to Portland and a friend drove me to Victoria. I live down in southern California, so anyway, my wife met me in the Redwoods and rode with me for three days and decided she loves touring, so this summer we have a few days off and are going to ride from like Lincoln to Brookings. She can only do about forty miles a day, much less than I prefer, but I am very excited to tour with her.

So our plan is to drive to Brookings, leave the car and find transport to Lincoln or there abouts. So far I have found the Curry transport that can get us from Brookings to Coos bay. I can't find anything else that goes north of there. Does anyone have any ideas? My only other thought so far is to rent a uhaul in Brookings and leave it in Lincoln... 230 smackers! plus gas! So any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Another one way question
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I just found this information on the Oregon Coast Bike Route map (which can be downloaded here:

In Brookings, there is a bike shop that will provide a
bicycle box for free, or pack it for you for $25, so you
can take a commercial bus back to your point of origin.
Contact: Escape Hatch, 642 Railroad Street, Brookings OR,
97415; (541) 469-2914 or (800) 495-2453.

You might also want to check with the Oregon Dept of Transporation TripCheck service for more/other options:

Hope that helps.


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