Author Topic: Bike Across America for Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center  (Read 1529 times)

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Bike Across America for Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center
« on: March 08, 2011, 10:38:03 am »
Hey Bikers!

We are biking across America to show support for the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center. We are three cyclists from Negaunee, Michigan biking from Yorktown, Virginia to San Francisco, California. We are doing this to help out the cause and spread awareness from coast to coast. We are a very small area but we still can make a huge impact. We will be setting up interviews with local news stations, and other stations along the way as we make our journey from coast to coast.

Currently we have a fan page on Facebook, a blog, and we use Twitter. All sponsors will be listed on our sites and their products will be worn during the expedition. Our new website is up and is Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a list of our site:

Main website -

Our Facebook Fan Page:

Fitspire- on Twitter (Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center Website)

Thank you very much,


Jon Vizena