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Worst experience across the US was in CO

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Thanks, PM.  I have found good rides in the area that do not include that highway. I esp enjoy riding north of you on the Whatcom County rural roads.  Sometimes, of course those rides include parts of Skagit Co.


Favorite rides to nowhere include Big Lake School to Lake Cavanaugh, Sedro-Woolley to Bellingham via the network of roads between I-5 and Hwy 9, the Skagit Flats North to Samish Island and Edison, South Skagit Hwy to Darrington, and of course, the Flats out to Deception Pass. But Hwy 9 North of Sedro-Woolley is a short cut for Canadian truckers to avoid the scales on I5, and South of Sedro-Woolley it is a collector arterial for the much regretted pop. growth from Boeing employees who have moved up here and commute to Everett. I remember riding to high school every morning on Hwy 9, no problems.

As for the population, there is some resentment by the natives for the newcomers who brought changes. This place was once a sleepy hollow. Its now a bedroom community to Everett and Bellingham, and we are no longer left alone. Where can you buy moonshine now? You are getting the blow back from that (middle finger, etc.). I miss the past, too, but there is not much we can do about it.

I think you missed the boat in Kremmling, Co.  I stayed at that campground in 2015 and thought the $12 was well spent.  The tenting area was in shaded lush grass, they had all the amenities of showers, laundry, and even a reading/television room.  The owner even offered to take me into town to get groceries and later the maintenance man helped me do repairs on my bike.  ...I've learned that if you want to keep clean, safe, and have a good nights sleep, one should spend the dough for commercial campgrounds.  Granted, I bypass many because they are either crappy or way over priced.


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