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Worst experience across the US was in CO

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John Nettles:

--- Quote from: valygrl on February 17, 2011, 01:30:06 am ---For the record, I may be biased, I live in CO - but I moved here after my first 5-week tour here, I liked it so much.

--- End quote ---
Please do not take my almost 30 year-old perception of Kremmling as a slam against Colorado.  I would love to move to Colorado (or Idaho, western Montana, or western Wyoming) but my better/best half prefers here.  I did live in Vail for a ski season in my younger days and that was very nice.  If I get near Kremmling, I will go through it and at least give it a shot again.  After all, if it was REALLY bad, we would hear more about it.

John Nelson:
If you ever drive a car/motorcycle through Kremmling, keep a close eye on your speed. It has a reputation as a speed trap.

out of curiosity-has anyone ever been pulled over for speeding on their bike? kinda random question for the thread but i'm more than capable of hitting speeds over 25 miles per hour if i'm working for it and regularly do so in the summer months in new jersey to "race" cars that are sitting in traffic to get to the beach. wreckless, sure but its a rush

John Nelson:
I read a story of cyclists pulled over for speeding on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which has a speed limit of 45 MPH. The cop was inclined to let them off with a warning, but they insisted on a ticket, just for the status symbol.

I haven't been caught, but there have been lots of opportunities over the past 40 years.  I know a guy who claims he was caught and ticketed, but he's kind of a BS'er, and I don't know if it's true.


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