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Re: Creating a Journal: Ideas and hints for a good one?
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One other thing I'd say is to be careful how much personal introspection you put out on the web. A bit of it adds to the journal, too much of it might turn people off as it might end up sounding too much like therapy on paper. Also, the introspection you feel strongly while in the midst of the tour might not seem like something you want the world to read a few months after you are finished. To that end, I suggest keeping two journals, the one "live" one while you are doing the tour, with higher-level stuff, and a personal one where you record your deeper thoughts. Once you are done your tour, give it a few weeks and then review your personal journal and decide what stuff you want to add (if any) to the public journal.


This is some good advice, i appreciate it. I have to admit that I would tend to maybe put too much of my introspection into my journal and I like the idea of a second journal.

I think the best way I would like to sum up my experience and its focus would be to highlight how great life is—just living today and being present in the present and what that looks like.

In my life there will be a great contrast to what was and what now is and how excited I am not about life itself.

I also plan on allowing myself to enter stories along the way. What I mean by that is simply to put myself in situations that allow for stories to become interesting, whether it be with people or situations. More than just riding from point A to B.

A lot of what captures me in the journals i read are when i can start to make out a personality to the trip. I know everyone's different, but I find that very interesting when i can start to get the know the characters.