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New Orleans to Venice in one day?



I'm looking at a tour in June/July 2011 (yes, I know it's hot). I'm thinking I'd like to take two days to ride from New Orleans to Venice (the almost mouth of the Mississippi). I'll be riding to Omaha, NE, mostly along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, thus the appeal of starting at the mouth of the Mississippi. Can anyone give thoughts on riding Highway 23 from New Orleans to Venice? I'd like to ride down in one day and back in the next. Google places it at about 80 miles each way, which is a bit long for me, but doable (while I prefer 60 mile days, I've ridden 100+ days with full packs before).

How's the traffic? Any camping down there? (I just wrote an email to the Venice Marina asking what they could offer.) Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I did find the Louisiana bicycle map:, which is helpful, but personal stories are always valuable  :)



I contacted Venice Marina, and they have nothing for a cyclist (only two-bedroom cabins at $150/night). My next thought is Morel's Gulf Coast Park and Campground, about 20 miles north of Venice. From Google Streetview it looks like just a flat place to pull you your RV, but I called and they say they have spaces for a tent. Perhaps two nights there, with a day to ride down and explore the Venice area...

I rode from the New Orleans airport to Port Sulphur in January, 30 miles short of Venice.  Incredibly easy exit from the airport to a riverside trail into NO -

If you're starting at the airport, it's not reasonable to get to Venice in one day.  You'll slow down to navigate through NO, then wait for a ferry to cross the river to Gretna.  From there, the ride is a no-brainer on the shoulder of route 23.  Take 2 days and meet some people to understand the area.  You'll see levees on both sides keeping the Mississippi and Gulf out, learn about Katrina and BP.  Dull ride, interesting story.


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