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Tennessee Implemetation
« on: March 06, 2011, 01:48:28 pm »
Tennessee's first stab at a USBR looks to be most compatible with Corridor 25.  The TDOT and KY Transportation Cabinet bike ped coordinators have looked at the corridor plan and unofficially agree. The Tennessee portion is being planned by Bike Walk Tennessee with further official adoption awaiting a study by RPM consultants' bicycle suitability review.
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Re: Tennessee Implementation
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Hi Bruce, George Hamilton here (Huntsville).  We rode BAMA together in 2005 I think.  Nice to know you are still around & lobbying & scheming for bike advocacy-a good goal for all of us.  I was recently at a "Sustainability conference in Huntsville, and it seemed the Hsv. & Madison mayors were drinking the Koolaid, & the keynote speaker was a guy from Raleigh, NC telling what they had done locally.  Hope to catch up with you sometime.  Ride safe.--george
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