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Hello !

I wrote a ca. 10 pages long travelogue (with map, photos, videos) about my bicycletour that I have in the Pyrenées.
I cycled 2368 kms + 42996 m heightdiff, enjoyed the Tour de France feeling 3 times.
I started it with cycling 4 times in a day up to Mont Ventoux.
A few climbs, that I cycled: Port de Lers, Col d'Agnes, Guzet Neige, Col de la Core, Portet d'Aspet, Col de Mente, Peyresourde, Aspin, the wonderful Cirque Troumouse (2108 m), Col d'Aubisque, Col de Portalet. there is a ca. 100km wide wonderful section in Spain from Col de POrtalet through Ordesa national park to the line of Cerler. I cycled Cerler, Boi Taüll (2038m), a beautiful and almost unknown road to Presa L'lauset (2193 m), then in Andorra: Arcalis (2225 m), Els Cortals (2068 m), Grau Roig.
There is a lovely and idyllic valley in France which goes to Lac de Bouillouses (2017 m), another ascent towards Puigmal; it ended by 2077m. The last high climb was Vallter in Spain.
I finished my tour in Barcelona.

You can read the travelogue and my experiences and videos from here by clicking the right flag:

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