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Route from Wesley Chapel, Fl. to Ft. Myers Beach, Fl.


I am looking for a new route from Wesley Chapel (Near the northern reconnection of I-275 and I-75) to Fort Myers Beach. I use to take Bruce B Downs to Flatwoods Park to Old Morris Bridge Rd. to Hanley Rd. to Route 301 south. Rt. 301 to Route 41 south through Bradenton and Sarasota south to Port Charlotte and onto Ft. Myers.  It is very direct but, there is so much construction and traffic that it is dangerous in parts. I am too far west to pick up The ACO Connector to Route 17 south to Punta Gorda. (although I would ride the extra 30 miles if I knew of a safe route.) Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank You.

Hi there,

Have you looked at the resources available through the Florida DOT?

You could also contact the Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator for suggestions:

Dennis Scott
State Pedestrian & Bicycle Coordinator

phone: 850-245-1527
fax: 850-245-1554

Dwight Kingsbury
Assistant Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator

phone: 8502451520
fax: 8502451554

Good luck and let us know what you find out.


Tourista, I can show you another way for at least part of the way. Contact me


Thank you for the resources. I will check them out. I will let you and the Forum know what I come up with. Have a good weekend.


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