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Great Divide Section 3, Map B
« on: August 09, 2010, 04:59:19 pm »
Lynx Pass Campground at 147.5 (237.4) is closed for the season due to an excessive number of "hazard trees" in the campground killed by the pine beetle infestation. The well is disabled and no water is available. There is a small pond just below the campground with easy water access.

Alternative campground: Listed on the ACA maps is a primitive campground at 157.2(253.0). It is on a slope, however, exposed to the road, and access to the creek is difficult.

A better option is an unmarked primitive campground at 157.4(253.3). If you are heading south, just before you reach the small streambed that snakes across the road, (marked on the map at 157.4(253.3)), head east and walk about 25 yards. You'll come to a broad meadow with several large downed aspen trees at the base of a small hill, a rock-lined firepit, and immediate and easy creek access. The site is much more level than the primitive campground marked on the ACA map and made a fine campground. It is in National Forest Land and camping is legal.

If you ride through the creek on FR212, you've gone too far!

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Re: Great Divide Section 3, Map B
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Apr 4, 2011
I do not know if Lynx is still closed.  When I arrived last summer in a cold rain it was closed.  I simply went around the gate, picked the spot near the nice bathroom and camped on the concrete porch.  I figured if one of the trees was going to blow over, the wooden structure for the bathrooms would protect me from large limbs.  It was quite pleasant all alone there.

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Re: Great Divide Section 3, Map B
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I spoke to a National Forest Ranger last week and Lynx Campground is still closed. It will remain closed until they can inspect the work done last year and assess any damage due to fallen trees over the winter. They intend to reopen the campground once it has been deemed safe.


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