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Hilleberg Staika 2 person, 4 season, lightweight Tent. Hilleberg tents are the Rolls Royce of tents. This is the perfect tent for bicycle touring, kayak touring or general tenting. After tens of thousands of miles all over the world doing both I'll give my opinion as to why I say this. Many times you can't be picky as to where you set up and, if you can't stake it out, what do you do? This tent is completely free standing. Set it up on the hardest ground, even pavement. It can be used all four seasons because of it's 3 poles and multiple guy line attachments for strong winds and it's zippered cloth over the no-see-um mesh doors that can be rolled up for great ventilation or closed up for those freezing nights. We've found on an extended tour, very often you're in a place much colder than expected, maybe crossing some mountains or a cold front rolls in. You can zipper up leaving as much or as little open as you need as you can with the roof vent. It works like a wonderful heat control. An inexpensive 2 pole dome collapses too easily in even light winds so this 3 pole design gives it the strength it needs yet is lighter and easier to put up than a four pole tent AND the inner room clips inside so it can be put up in the rain or snow without the inner tent getting wet. In fact, it goes up in minutes because you don't have to put up the inner tent first and then the fly. We leave the inner tent attached inside so when you raise the fly the inside is already set up. The Staika has two entrances and two large vestibules for your equipment. Ours is in like new condition, used for one month bike trip and only a few of the nights. It was never in the sun, we put it up by dark and down for the day's ride. We had other tents and this was perfect for our last trip which was cut short and now we don't anticipate doing any more.

It weighs minimum 7lbs. 1 oz., packed 8lbs. 8ozs., it's 44 inches high and roomy, even for a tall person with a length of 91ins. The inner tent has 35.5 sq. ft. of area. The Kerlon 1500 fabric in the Staika is of the highest Hilleberg quality, securing top level performance and longevity. Kerlon 1500 has a tear strength of 22 lbs! A tear strength that is five times higher than ordinary tents! If you go to  you can learn about this tent.

We're in Newport Bch., Ca but we can work something out mail wise and payment through PayPal. We're asking $640 and we're including the footprint ($68 value) and the “attic” ($18), a repair kit and a pole repair. We also have the pole holder kit ($18) so you can put up the inner tent only.
Call (314) 258-5869 or