Author Topic: Red or Yellow (not neon yellow). Which is more visible on the road?  (Read 13294 times)

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Re: Red or Yellow (not neon yellow). Which is more visible on the road?
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As a surveyor, I'm not a fan of the surveyor's vest -at least not for riding.  They are heavy and don't breath well.  They have lots of pockets, which is good for working but add bulk.

The prices here /\ are the best out there for non-ANSI compliant needs.  Legislation passed (in my state) requires roadway-present workers to have, at minimum, Class II or better, dependant on task.  Many states are moving toward this and putting a lot of good quality high-vis gear into the closeout bins.  My employer requires me to wear a Class II, and my self-imposed family demands require me to wear a Class III (i.e. sleeves) when touring.  The mesh jersey material is highly transparent to air movement.

Choosing a color for panniers will depend on the environs you're in.  For most, the yellow will stand out nicely against the black asphalt or greens of nature.  The red seems a bit muted to me.  I went with yellow bags.  My clothing is orange.  When I first started riding again after a long hiatus, I wore what I had and swore at traffic.  Now, with a high-vis upper, traffic seems to give wide berth.  -The wife says it is because I look "special needs".  I guess my 'special need' is to avoid being run over.

-I'd post a pic of my full setup, but will have to whittle a photo down to 250k.