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Ryan Duplex tandem recumbent bike outfitted for long distance touring. Bike just came out of Silverdale Cyclery with a complete tune-up and replacement schedule in preparation for a cross-country tour to support the Alzheimer’s Association. .

Paint and seats, all rubber components are in excellent condition, and it looks and rides great. This bike is ready to go, only my stoker is broken, with an old knee injury. So selling  :-[ to buy a single seat ‘bent and reassign my stoker as a sagwagon driver/concierge!

All components not listed have been inspected, cleaned and lubed, and if not up to spec, replaced
New front and rear ZZipper windscreens
New tires all around, with slime armor bands and spare tubes
New brake pads
New full fenders
New rear rack, panniers
Mirrors, both seats
Computer (stoker)
Bottle cage-computer/light mount (captain, we used a camel slung from the rear seat frame for the stoker)
21 speeds, new front chain
Bob YAK trailer with Bob bag/flag

Ready to roll, a fast and comfortable sleek black beauty … and L-O-N-G, overall over 15 feet from nose to Bob tail! Be the first on your block to have a vehicle as long as a Ford Crown Victoria that uses no fuel at all.

Replacement cost as equipped is calculated at $5,944.00