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Biking TransAmerica - Looking 4 partner/group
« on: May 04, 2011, 02:05:16 pm »
My name's Mike and I'll be biking TransAmerica from June 1st to August whenever.  Is anyone out there going to be setting off from West Coast (Astoria or Eugene) around that time?  My partner (who was all about it) just bailed and I'm kinda feeling sketched about starting out alone.  I am an experienced world traveler whos camped in some pretty shady spots before, so I'm not too worried about going it solo- but I was hoping for a partner for some portion of the trip, preferably the beginning (I guess with 3 weeks and no partner, I'm a little nervous).  I'm 30 yrs old in solid shape and full of stories, so if anyone out there wants to come along for at least some portion, I'm game.  I'm flying into Seattle to meet my old college roomate for a few days, then starting biking (either from there, or Astoria or Eugene-I'm flex) sometime around end May, early June. 

Let me know if your trip plans jive with that, I'd love to hitch on to a group (if even only for a short time) or pick up a partner.  I'm on skype, etc.. if you want to chat before committing-

Thanks all! 

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Re: Biking TransAmerica - Looking 4 partner/group
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