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Sierra Cascade, Map 4, Tioga Pass
« on: May 08, 2011, 11:05:58 pm »
We are currently cycling the Sierra Cascade route, North Bound. I have heard that the Tioga Pass is still closed at the moment. Understanding the nature of the beast, I am not sure if the pass will be open when we are there.
Does anyone have a suggestion for an alternative route up North.

Esther and Warren

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Re: Sierra Cascade, Map 4, Tioga Pass
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2011, 01:01:05 pm »
It's a tough year.  I am not sure what to recommend, but have a few resources:

Monitor is open but you would need to ride Ebbets to get there, and that's closed.
Sonora is still closed, but that would be my recommendation if it opens.

Current route would be all the way to 88, but I just saw 50 is closed an they are rerouting onto 88, so that will be a traffic nightmare.

Here's the park service plowing update:

And here's a climber discussion board they often have local info on Tioga:

you might luck out and be able to ride tioga before it opens to cars but after it's plowed all the way, but they do keep it closed after the plowing is complete, to mitigate avalanche danger (which is real!) and to repair & clear fallen rocks off the road.  But unless you get there within days of opening, it might be too dangerous to try.  talk to the people at the crane flat gas station.  if you do go over before it's open, there won't be any services until Tioga Pass Resort (on the east side of the pass), but there will be plenty of places to filter water.  campgrounds will probably be closed and swampy pretty late this year.

Depending on where you are right now and when you are going to be in the Yosemite area, you might have to bail early onto the east side (way down south) and ride 395 instead of in the mountains, or you might have to go all the way to Tahoe before you can cross.  395 is totally different from the S.C. route, but is absolutely a beautiful road in it's own right.

Good luck!