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Thanks for the information about how to cross the Potomac river (White's Ferry). Now the big question is, what's there to see in northern Virginia without getting into too many hills or traffic? Are there any must see places for the bicycle tourist?


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Battlefields! Smooth, paved, rural roads with slow traffic and something interesting at every turn. The bike is absolutely the best way to see them, riding up close to the statues, plaques, and museum buildings while everyone else parks and walks up. Gettysburg, Antietam, and Harpers Ferry stand out in my memory as great places to spend an hour or a day.

You have mentioned hills before, IIRC. They are a good part of bike touring. Skip them and you miss most of the best scenery. Maybe your load is too heavy, your gears are too high, or your approach is too aggressive. Fix the first two, then take your time and enjoy the scenery at a pace that gets you breathing deeply but no more. The Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway ranks up there with Going to the Sun Highway and the Canadian Icefields Parkway as the premier touring roads in North America. All mountainous, all gorgeous.