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--- Quote from: smrachek on May 26, 2011, 02:54:08 pm ---I'm just wondering if a $700-800 Safari (REI) or similar priced touring bike is adequate for me to "test the waters" of bike touring.
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It would be.  Whatever bike you use, make sure it is properly geared for the terrain. 

FYI, if you ever want to do any touring in the Glacier National Park area, Glacier Cyclery in Whitefish rents B.O.B. trailers.  (Make a reservation well in advance.)  You can do a nice 8-day loop (including a day off) up into B.C. and Alberta that comes back through Galcier N.P. over Going to the Sun Road.  The GF and I did that in '09.  It was her first self contained trip and she really enjoyed it.

Hey - my take on it is that if you have 2 weeks of vacation, you don't want to spend 2 or 3 days of it messing around with getting your bike ready, so do that at home.

If you can fly Southwest or Frontier, the bike luggage charges are very reasonable, both hub out of Denver.  Not so United.

I'm in Boulder, and I don't know of anywhere that particularly specializes in touring.  REI has tour bikes as mentioned, I've seen Trek 520's at University Bikes and Bicycle Village, and there's a Trek store in town (and i think another in Lafayette).

Get low gears, especially coming from flat and sea level Florida.  Mountain bike gears are not too low.

this book is very useful
this map is great:

August is great.  If September, better be the beginning of September - by the end you can get some real weather in the mountains. 

when you get you route planned, post it up for comments, if you want.

Salvagetti Bike Shop in the Highlands has a Long Haul Trucker and a Disc Trucker on hand.  I doubt they rent them though...


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