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Lewis and Clark Section 4 detour
« on: May 28, 2011, 08:19:35 am »
In Montana, US 87/MT 200 is closed between Grass Range and Lewistown due to road collapse 14 miles east of Lewistown.  This is map 68 and 69 on the route. A paved detour route going westbound is at the US 87/MT 200/MT 19 junction in Grass Range turn right (north) on MT 19, go 21 miles to US 191 turn left (sign says south, compass will say west) on to US 191 go 33 miles to MT 81 and rejoin the route by turning right on MT 81. It will add 16 miles to the trip.

For eastbound travelers, at US 191 and MT 81, turn left (north) on US 191, go 33 miles to MT 19 (stop sign at T intersection), turn right (south) on MT 19 and go 21 miles to MT 200 (flashing yellow light) and turn left (east) to rejoin route. 

Flooding from heavy rain and snow melt will cause short term road closures on various parts of the Lewis and Clark routes in Montana through June 2011. Please check this website for the latest road closures.

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Re: Lewis and Clark Section 4 detour
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As of June 1, this stretch of MT 200/US 87 has reopened.

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Re: Lewis and Clark Section 4 detour
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Thanks for the info and update. We appreciate it.


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