Author Topic: Anyone ridden Utah route 46/Colorado route 90?  (Read 2614 times)

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Anyone ridden Utah route 46/Colorado route 90?
« on: June 09, 2011, 07:51:15 pm »
Hi all,

I'm riding the WE east, and have made it to Moab so far. Yesterday, I rode on Utah 191 south into Moab. I decided to deviate from the ACA route through Blanding and instead went clockwise from Hanksville around Canyonlands through Green River. Route 191 is by far the worst road I've ever ridden. Narrow shoulders and the worst drivers I've encountered since beginning in San Fran. At one point yesterday, an RV passed me with an awning broken off and sticking out perpendicular to the RV across the shoulder. The thing missed my head by inches. I'm told by locals to expect the same if I go south to Monticello. I'd very much like to avoid staying on 191 any longer than necessary, and was considering taking 191 only to La Sal, then taking 46 into Colorado, where it becomes 90. Does anyone have experience with this route?

If 191 is the same from Blanding to Monticello, ACA might want to reconsider it's current routing on the WE.

Thanks very much,

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Re: Anyone ridden Utah route 46/Colorado route 90?
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You might want check the suitability map Utah puts out for cyclists. It can be downloaded from here:,T:,275
Colorado has a scenic byways and bicycle map that might also be helpful to you:

As for the section of US 191 on the Western Express north of Blanding, it should have a shoulder of up 4' or better for most of the 25 miles but could also have high speed recreational traffic. Unfortunately, in this part of Utah, there aren't many choices and all road users have to use the same set of roads.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Anyone ridden Utah route 46/Colorado route 90?
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2011, 08:51:13 am »
I have ridden Monticello to Moab (Coming from Cortez CO) twice and don't recall any problems at all except for lack of services. Great desert scenery. I suspect your problems were with motor vehicle traffic coming off the interstate and going to Moab.
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Re: Anyone ridden Utah route 46/Colorado route 90?
« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2011, 01:52:29 am »
We just came from Moab and took the route you are proposing. It was amazing! We had the same issues on 191 and getting off that and onto UT 46 and CO was like a dream. Beautiful scenery, small towns and very little traffic.

From Naturina we took a gravel road (old Hwy 90) up and over the plateau. Tough climb but well worth it. We camped just down from Columbine pass and rode into Montrose today.

We're heading to Chicago so maybe we will see you out there. Travel safe.