Author Topic: Permanent route change in Louisiana (bad news and good news)  (Read 9234 times)

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The Ferry from New Roads to St Francisville has been shut down during the flood of 11. The ferry will not re open. It is shut down permanently.
But there is good news. The John James Audubon Bridge was opened to take it's place early. So just south of St Francisville, there is a new bridge crossing the mighty Mississippi river.
There was a problem in the first days, since the bike lane was covered in reflectors layed out to make rumble strips. But Baton Rouge cycling club got it fixed and also had the local sheriff correct his deputies and make them quit telling the cyclists they weren't allowed to cross.

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Re: Permanent route change in Louisiana (bad news and good news)
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More information was posted in another discussion on this situation, also.


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