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Refills on medicine
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I am going on a world wide tour.  As I understand it you can have packages sent to general delivery at the post office and mark the sender mark the package as "Hold until arrival", "Arriving by Bicycle".  Does this work?  Does this work with perscription medicine?  Is it better to just visit a Doctor in whatever country I am in?


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Re: Refills on medicine
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I don't know about your specific question on prescription medicines but I can point you to a blog post about how to use General Delivery in the US:

This Wikipedia entry has information on a few other countries and their system:

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Re: Refills on medicine
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Have any post sent to you ensuring that they have the same name as used in your passport. ie i was unable to get some of my post because I'm called by everyone Tony but of course my full name is Anthony. 

Sending drugs through the post really could cause you endless problems especially if they are prescription only, as doubtful you would have a prescription enclosed with them.

Many prescription drugs are freely sold in many countries, try to check it out.
My UK prescription is not accepted in USA and to get the required drugs meant a full registration with a doctor etc etc 100s $.

I talk to my doctor who knows what I do and will give me a prescription to cover the time away - up to me to figure out how best to carry them BUT take a copy of the prescription to prove you have right to carry them.
Not easy.  Good luck.
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